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  • Kaylee thank you for your letter.

    Posted on April 23, 2013 by Ryan

    One of our customers wrote us a really nice letter the other day and we though we'd sure it. This is what she wrote.


    Dear Mr. Ehlers


    In 2011, for my thirteenth birthday, I received one of your longboards. It was one of your longer ones, and it was the watermelon check design. My cousin had directed me to this company to get it ordered, after I asked her where she’d gotten hers. I’ve even had several people ask me where I got it, and I gladly referred them to you. Mr. Ehlers, I am very happy that I came to your company for my longboard, because I have been very happy with it. I love the way it looks, and it is easier for me to ride than a skateboard. Whenever there isn’t snow on the road, I’m outside, riding my longboard. Mr. Ehlers, I have been very grateful to have a way of transportation. It makes it easier and quicker to get to babysitting jobs or youth activities.  I also appreciate the relaxation it brings when I’m just riding around.

    Most of the teens I know have skateboards (I can’t steer them) rip sticks (can’t even get it to move) and bikes (don’t have one), and so I was very happy to have something that was easily mobile and fun to ride. It is fun to know that once I had a longboard, most of the people in my neighborhood got one. Usually, they are the trend setters, but thanks to your product, I got to be the cool one. Some of my friends also bought one. After I had told them about your company and how you could choose what the longboard looked like. They all appreciated this factor as much as I did.

    In summary, I am glad that I could have a form of recreation when I’m bored or stressed. I’m also happy that I have a way of transportation to babysitting jobs and other activities that I have wanted to participate in. I’m glad that I got to be the “cool” one in not only in my neighborhood, but also with my friends. I’m glad that finally I found something to ride. I also appreciate the option to design the longboards.

    Thank you



    Kaylee, thank you so much for taking the time to write this letter. It's people like you that keep us motivated and inspired to do what we love to do.


    Ryan Ehlers

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