What’s in the line-up for Ehlers Longboards 2014!

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We are near finishing up our 3rd year this Christmas. We came along way since the one car garage days and are about to come up big in 2014. We have been in the works for months on new and innovative downhill designs. We are experimenting with different shape technologies to bring a new experience to our customer base. We want board shapes to mold to your feet for confidence and more stability.


We are going to tighten up the line-up for the downhill- freeride, traditional and cruiser divisions by taking away and adding shapes. We are having 5 drop downs 5 drop throughs 5 downhill directional boards for our downhill-freeride line-up. Each board will have their own custom graphic similar to the LRV1 and LRV2 series.


The new Road Runner will have double concave and its own custom graphic by Feb 14. We are working on the new Dexter model which will be a switch downhill directional similar to the Road Runner but with mirrored nose for the tail. We are going to mirror the Road Runner nose and make the nose and tail the same. Dexter is short for ambidextrous meaning both ways.


As for wheels, the new 77mm six star stone ground 81a sliding American Racers Zazas will be ready for down- hilling by Dec 10th this year. We currently do not have a big sliding wheel in our portfolio and can’t wait for wheels to be finished.


We are currently working to finish the Free Soul Trucks website also.


Now sponsoring! We are going to start looking for longboard skaters to skate for us. We are going to have four spots open for sponsorship which will include free products and international longboard magazine exposure.

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