Let’s thank the skateboard gods for grip tape because without it we would be falling on our faces. Unfortunately grip tape does not last forever and on some occasions it wears out.  The question often arises “how do I change the freakin grip tape”. One simple answer a hair dryer! Although its way easier said than done.  The trick is to turn it on the highest setting, point it on top of the grip tape towards the nose or tale wait for about 30 seconds until it’s nice and hot. The hair dryer needs melt the glue through the grip until it turns mushy. Once you think it’s been enough time start peeling up from the end. You probably can only peel about 6 inches at a time per 30 seconds with the hair dryer because it cools extremely fast.  

Here are some other alternatives if you live on your own or don’t have any sisters for hair dryer access.

 On a hot day leave it in the car for about 2 hours until it’s hot and ready to peel. On some occasions depending on how hot it is it could be easier than the hair dryer.

 Another alternative just in case you don’t have a car is to leave outside in the sun.  It’ll take about an hour or two on a hot sunny day to get all melty and ready for you to peel off.

 Taking off grip tape is not a fun task and some grip tape no matter what you do cannot come off.  You just have to walk away or you might get frustrated into a rage.