18 Nov





New Owl Graphic and New Shapes For The Road Warrior Graphic

Check out our new stock of sliding gloves only $24.99

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30 Jun

Shipping Orders

Todays shipping orders. Thanks again everyone.

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14 Jan

Shipping orders from yesterday! Thank you for all of your orders. We are going to start posting more on the daily shipping oders so you can see your board before it ships. 

Custom longboard skateboards

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15 Nov


 New Ehlers Longboard Shapes for Fall 

Available Now. 10% off coupon code ehlers10



New 62mm Longboard slider wheels

Perfect for the 36" Zenith. 


The 62mm team logo zaza wheels are great for tech skating. They are made with an 83a duro and stone ground surface for harder and smoother sliding. 

FS Pro 9" Now on the Zenith. 


Black and Silver 

These are our brand new pro edition Free Soul trucks. We needed a truck that was a regular kingping that was strong and durable enough to hold a bigger size street board such as the Zenith. Right now it's only available for the Zenith but we have more boards on the way that will compliment these  longboard trucks completely. 


Zenith Now In Natural.



The Zenith is such and great board for skating everything. it's kind of like a hybrid skateboard. You get the best of both worlds street skating and longboard free-riding.

Ehlers Longboards Instagram. 


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14 Aug

Shipping Orders!

Shipping orders! Thank you for your orders. This is pic of the most recent shipping orders. We ship everyday and once and awhile we like to show your board after we make and assemble it. 


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14 Aug

New Graphics

New graphic models on the 32" classic 70s. Let the goodtimes roll graphics. 


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28 Jan

How to take off grip tape

Let’s thank the skateboard gods for grip tape because without it we would be falling on our faces


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22 Jan

New Website Design

Let the good time roll!

Thanks for your patience guys! We just re-designed the whole entire website for a more moble and tablet friendly experience. We always need to be on top of the movent not only with our longboards but also the cyber space too. We are working on new website functions that will be ready in a couple of weeks so check back.

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