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  • Daniel Thanks for the email

    Posted on October 24, 2011 by Ryan

    I recently received an email from Daniel at ASU thought I would share..


    I received my locker board on Monday and I love it! I am new to skating but a seasoned snowboarder and I couldn't have made a better decision. I wanted to let you know that I found your company using Craigslist here in Phoenix. ASU is a huge longboarder school and many students utilize skateboards for travel. As a result, you should continue posting your information and ads on Craigslist. You might even consider running an ad in the ASU student newspaper because your prices and product will surely spark some interest. Today I already had someone ask where I got my board and it's only the second day I've used it.

    Thanks for the great product and I hope you find this feedback helpful.

    Daniel I. Hutto

    Thanks again Daniel I appreciate you taking the time to write this email..

    Ryan Ehlers

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  • Are you down with the drop down!

    Posted on June 8, 2011 by Ryan

    Drop Down Complete Longboard

    Drop Down Complete Longboard

    This is the new drop down Canadian maple complete. The drop downs are getting more and more popular because of how you feel when you’re riding them. They curve downward so you’re lower to the ground, picture a hammock swaying back and forth. The reverse kingpin trucks give you the ability to carve into sharper turns. The drop down deck is 10 plies of strong Canadian maple and can hold up to 300 LBs.  Enjoy =)


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  • New fiberlight cruiser complete longboard skateboard 8" x 32"

    Posted on May 13, 2011 by Ryan

    Welcome the new fiberlight fiber glass cruiser to the inventory. This is a hybrid deck made

    Fiber glass cruiser longboard skateboard

    Fiberlight Cruiser Complete 8" x 32"

    with fiber glass and mixed with bamboo. The board has a little flex to it and is really sturdy. The main feature is how light and easy it is to carry along with the perfect flex feel. The deck is razor thin and has a slight concave in the middle. This board is perfect for cruising and carving around the streets.

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  • Super Mini complete longboard skateboard 25"

    Posted on May 11, 2011 by Ryan

    I just added an all new super mini complete skateboard to the family its 7” X 25” just an

    super mini complete longboard skateboard

    Super mini complete long-board skateboard

    inch over 2 feet. Don’t let the size of this puppy fool you, it cruises just as fast as the rest. It’s build for portability and putting into lockers or under desks. Although the deck is skinnier than the others it can still maneuver and carve like the rest. The deck is made from %100 Canadian maple wood and is strong as oak if you’re looking for something small, fast, and smooth look

    no further.

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  • Introducing the new fiberlight drop through

    Posted on May 10, 2011 by Ryan

    fiber glass drop through

    All New Fiberlight Drop Through


    When it comes to price verses quality the new fiberlight drop through series takes the #1 spot. Made from real fiber glass the deck has a firm and comfortable flex feel making every carve light and smooth.

    I’ll add video soon so you can actually see what I’m talking about. I do have a couple a good reviews on my facebook page about this board feel free to check those out. Check out this product page when you get a chance

    Fiberlight drop through

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  • Introducing the new Ehlers Longboard facebook page

    Posted on May 7, 2011 by Ryan

    Here is the link I need more likes if you can like-it that would be awesome!!


    Thank you

    Ryan Ehlers


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