Drop Through Wood Cutter 9.5" x 40" Complete

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Drop Through Wood Cutter 9.5" x 40"
(See specs on the bottom of this page)
  • Natural Wood
  • Green
  • Blue
  • FS Black
  • FS Blue
  • FS Neon Green
  • FS Pink
  • FS Red
  • FS Silver
  • FS Watermelon
  • FS White
  • Paris Black V2 - +$11.99
  • Paris Red V2 - +$11.99
  • Paris Silver V2 - +$11.99
  • Bear Black Grizzly - +$11.99
  • Bear Crackle/Silver Grizzly - +$11.99

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The “Cutter” Drop Through was named after its unique razor blade square corner cut-outs. This shape has received excellent reviews because of the overall feel of the concave, medium flex and the ability to control your carving. The middle concave has a distinctive half pipe, curved-in feel to grip easier while riding.


Customer Reviews

Review by HappySliding your way to heaven

Posted on 2/10/2014

I'm surprised there is not more reviews on this board. It's perfect for everything, the concave is really nice and it's light weight and sturdy which is a great combo in a board. I'm stoked.

Review by one happy costumer i would recommend it to anyone

Posted on 9/19/2013

like this board a lot it looks great and all of my friends think its sweet and even like it better than their more expensive boards. i was looking for a smaller longboard company just to have something different from everyone else and i found Ehlers! Their boards are just as good as any others if not better and are priced a lot more reasonably. keep up the good work guys!

p.s. get the zaza canadian ice wheels they are worth a few extra bucks. easy to slide on

Review by UpskiSweet board!

Posted on 1/26/2013

I like how it feels, rides, and carves. All around superb drop through.

Review by FouldogBest drop through longboad of them all

Posted on 1/26/2013

I totally love the cutter I would suggest this drop through over any of the others. Perfect length great flex and feel. great job Ehlers

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