Drop Through Bamboo or Wood “Glider” 9.5” X 39”

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Drop Through Bamboo or Wood “Glider” 9.5” X 39”
(See specs on the bottom of this page)
  • Bamboo Top and Bottom
  • Canadian Maple Wood
  • No Tool
  • Black - +$4.99
  • Blue - +$4.99
  • Neon Green - +$4.99
  • Pink - +$4.99
  • Purple - +$4.99
  • Red - +$4.99
  • White - +$4.99

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We are very grateful to welcome our first drop through bamboo with a double kicktail to our family. After intensive testing out in the field we came to the conclusion that this board is everything a drop through should be. It has the perfect flex balance which will able you to land tricks and also hold heavy weights while still having a nice spring for lighter weights. The concave has a medium feel for carving and sliding allowing your feet to stick securely.


Material: 100% Canadian Maple

Customer Reviews

Review by codyruszCouldnt have asked for a better board

Posted on 7/27/2014

This board is amazing. Perfect fit for my feet and comfortable to ride with no speed wobble at higher speeds. I ordered this board with paris trucks and the irish green zaza sliding wheels. Easy to learn to slide on and can turn just as well as if it had wheels ment for carving. This board is as good to better then well known brands. I WOULD DEFINATELY RECOMEND THIS BOARD!!!

Review by Billy-BobThe Reasons That You Should Buy This Board

Posted on 9/25/2013

This is my first longboard, and I wanted a board that was good for freestyle, downhill, and had a spingy flex for carving. The Glider exceeded my expectations. It obviously has kicktails which I am already using for 180 pivots. The concave really locks my feet in, so I have no worries bombing hills.
Also, I weigh about 100 pounds and it has the perfect flex. (Not an exaggeration) Therefore, This board is a great board for your everyday use, and if you're anything like me, you should buy this board!

Review by ivanAMAZING!!!

Posted on 9/24/2013

I got this board custom:
Paris Trucks
ZAZA wheels
included bearings

It is very lightweight vs the Loaded Tan Tien
and better handling also

The bearings are not the greatest in the world but it will get the job done!

Their technical help its is also quiet relevant, not hustle!

I am definitely telling all my buddies and I know as for myself I just found you to be my main connect!

Houston, Tx

Review by MattSick board

Posted on 8/23/2013

Right out of the box, I just completely loved this board. Its length and width fit my ride perfectly with the lateral concave. Carving is extremely easy with the bear trucks and the Zaza Canadian Ice wheels provide very smooth, uninterrupted sliding. The double kicks have already proven legit as I proceed to nail tiger claws, pop shuvits, and other tricks. Overall, GREAT bamboo double kick complete board for a GREAT price. Nice job Ryan.

Review by TimAwesome longboards

Posted on 7/6/2013

Hello, this is Tim Le. It was a couple of weeks ago that I came down to ehlerslongboard shop with some friends to pick up our very first longboards! I have to say that the boards we bought were great quality and for a great price as well. In return, I would like to share a video that I made of our "longboarding adventures". If you have time, please check it out! Thanks again!

Link to vid:



Tim Le

Review by noahquality of the board

Posted on 6/5/2013

I cant wait to get this board I'm going to get 76mm wheels with Paris trucks. I always wanted a bamboo longboard it looks great!

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