LRV1 Drop Down 40.5"x9.5"

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LRV1 Drop Down 40.5"x9.5"
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Made from100% Canadian Maple Drop Down longboard. This longboard has surpassed all of our expectations and has become one of our most diverse drop downs. We have designed the middle drop platform to mold to your feet for the ultimate grip and comfort. This drop down has a new and innovative concave style we call “W” or the double concave. It has a slight camel hump giving each side its own concave pockets and allowing your feet to fit right in.p>


Customer Reviews

Review by bansheeAMAZING

Posted on 10/21/2014

I got this board used off a buddy, after adjusting it to my style the board is perfect. I use it everyday to and from work. The "W" and drop down make the
Is the most comfortable deck I have ever ridden.

Review by ChuckWow

Posted on 7/8/2014

I got this board about a month ago and I can only say good things this board just feels right the W concave is amazing allows for great control while riding and pushing. On hills you never speed wobble and its super controllable! This is my second board from Ehlers and I don't see myself buying any other boards! These boards are insane! keep it up and your prices low thanks Ryan!

Review by SpencerI loved it

Posted on 4/16/2014

So I bought this as my first board. It was absolutely everything I wanted. It was trusty transport, but also super fun on slopes. My feet just straight locked in and it was fantastic. It got run over in about 3 months (mostly my fault) but while I had it I loved it so much.

Review by The LegendFantastic

Posted on 8/13/2013

I got this board for x-mas, had previously owned a bamboo sector. This was a great board for me as a beginner and now as an advanced rider. I even try to get out and ride barefoot, cause it feels so epic. I would recommend to anyone. Keep riding guys.

Review by MattyTubbyPleasantly Impressed

Posted on 7/5/2013

Had this board for about a week now. I love the flex and feel of the board. Very responsive and corners tight without wheel bite. I ordered it with Paris trucks and 76mm's. I swapped the bearings for my reds and put sector 9 butterballs on for slides (after talking to Ryan he said that the ZAZA's are made in the same factory as sector 9's so I may try a set after i burn up my Butters.) The 76's are nice for cruising though as they are soft. The "W" cave is a little strange at first but you get used to it quickly. Locks your feet in nicely and slides like a dream. The low profile pushes smooth and stable. I am about 240 lbs and the board holds me and flexes nicely without feeling like I'm going to bottom. The bushings in the Paris trucks are very soft and reactive but feel a little shady on big hills but that is just preference and can easily be adjusted. Great board and fast shipping. Definitely would recommend this board. Would rate a 9/10 cause nothings ever perfect...

Review by stevensickest place to buy

Posted on 3/26/2013

Just ordered this board and cant wait to receive it ive priced ALL kinds of boards from bottom to top notch quality boards and by far EHLERS is the best researching the quality and the price you cant beat it nor come close other you pay up to 500 for something good or sacrifice and pay less and get junk but not here you get the BEST PRICE AND QUALITY....... Tanks alot to the HOLE crew @ Ehlers.......

Review by Ricky Great board!

Posted on 3/25/2013

This is a great board for the all around rider however because of its concave its not the best for downhill. Great for tricks like shove-its ect. I would definitely recommend this bored I would rate it a 10/10

Review by shanebest long board ever

Posted on 3/17/2013

great longboard it slides good and it goes fast!

Review by TunyGood flex

Posted on 2/1/2013

I'm liking the flex and how it cruises I feel in control and sturdy. "great board"

Review by MichyThis is my fav

Posted on 2/1/2013

My feet like lock into this board when I'm riding. It takes no effort to slide this puppy. I'm totally stoked on it. Thank you

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