34" Camber Longboard Kicktail Complete or Deck

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34" Camber Longboard Kicktail
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Deck Only
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This is our Camber Longboard Kicktail 8" X 34" . The Camber Kicktail has a rising arch in the middle of the board. It is designed for a slight bouncy feel and rides super smooth. The cambered belly of the board is similar to a car shock and provides a more relaxing cruise.

Weight Capacity
Holds up to 300lbs

Free Soul Trucks: For those who are not familiar with Free Soul Trucks, they are our new house brand truck company. They are made from one of the best truck factories in the world. The quality and smoothness are just as good as other top truck companies.

The 65mm 78a gel soft cruiser wheels are good for smooth and rough surfaces such as regular sidewalks and street asphalt. (Grippy, soft, smooth and fast)

The 70mm 78a are a little larger in diameter and better for rockier areas like rocky parking lots and rougher asphalt. (Grippy, soft, smooth and fast)

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Weight Capacity: Holds up to 300lbs
Camber kicktail longboard deck or complete
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