LRV2 Drop Down Drop Through 40.5"x9.5"

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LRV2 Drop Down Drop Through
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100% Canadian Maple Drop Down Drop Through longboard. The board is the exact shape of the LRV1, the only differences are the drop through cutouts we made. We cutout the holes make it a drop through drop down to snug the ground for even more control. We have designed the middle drop platform to mold to your feet for the ultimate grip and comfort. This drop down drop through has a new and innovative concave style we call “W” or the double concave. It has a slight camel hump giving each side its own concave pockets and allowing your feet to fit right in.


Customer Reviews

Review by JacobStop reading reviews and buy it!!

Posted on 2/5/2016

I have been riding for about a year now. This board is super low to the ground and automatically gives you better stability due to your lower center of gravity. I have ridden pintails, kicktails, standard cruisers, you name it, but this board is unlike anything I have ever ridden. If you are looking for a solid downhill or even just a cruiser board, this is it. You won't find anything that beats the quality for the price anywhere on the web. The only time I would not recommended this board is when you are riding very rough/broken roads or sidewalks, because you are likely to bottom out. Try the LRV1 or possibly the stealth or slant series. I weigh 205, and needed to tighten the trucks for steeper carving, but now that it's all tuned up, I feel like I can do anything! The double concave takes some getting used to, but the added control is well worth the change. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned skater, this board will NOT let you down.
5 stars, 2 thumbs up, and my highest recommendation.
Keep it up Ryan!

Review by BryanColorado native

Posted on 2/24/2015

Thank you Ehlers, just got down back to Denver from summit county snowboarding in Colorado to find my LVR2 board on the front deck. Everything looks good, and i'm ready to try this board as soon as this snow melts off. I put this board next to my sector nine with the sidewinder two trucks and can already see the benefits to a lower ride. Thanks again, Colorado native

Review by noahamzing buy

Posted on 8/1/2014

i ordered this board a week ago and just got it been riding it for about 2 hours now and its the most amazing board i have ever ridden i have ridden some of the big brands (sector nine, landyachts, etc.) but this is the best board i have ever ridden. overall this board is great for the price and rolls great on flat pavement. its great for downhill, cruising, and anything you can throw at it. thanks ehlers great board.

Review by rubeni love it !

Posted on 7/22/2014

As soon as I rode it I fell in love with it the double concave is such an amazing feature of this board its my first drop through and i think out of all the big brand boards I think one is the best with especially with the price it has ! Cant wait to down hill with it, thanks Ryan !

Review by rorionLow and Smooth

Posted on 6/25/2014

This Board feels so smooth at high speed . After this lowrider my other boards feel like I am on stilts and less stable ! The double concave makes pumping a breeze and the ride more secure. I added the Za Za 77s for an easier ride over the rough terrain I normally encounter but they are a little slower on the flats. The LRV2 is a great addition to your quiver at far less cost than comparable boards .

Review by TomLRV2 all the way

Posted on 4/26/2014

Best board I bought! You need to get it. The concave is really different than your average board which makes it fun.

Review by LukeDope fun cool

Posted on 4/25/2014

This isn't your typical drop through its a little more than that. The complex concave is trippy at first but them you'll love it and never want to go back to a regular board again. Its really fun.

Review by Kalversatile

Posted on 4/23/2014

This board performs very well for cruising, downhill and sliding when set up properly. I really enjoy the concave on this board. It does a great job of locking my feet into place when riding. I've had a lot of fun with this board. Definitely a good buy.

Review by JacyGreat Board

Posted on 7/9/2013

This board is fantastic. Got it today, and have already put a couple hours on it. If you wanna slide, get this and pay that extra for the ZaZa wheels. Super easy to break their grip. It is GREAT!!!

Review by peddlelow riding

Posted on 5/14/2013

This should be called the low rider! I'm stoked on this board I love how low it is because it makes sliding so easy. I feel like I'm on a go-cart or something.

Review by duggyLoving how low this board is to the ground.

Posted on 5/6/2013

I love this drop down drop through, I like how low this board is to the ground. It's a low rider I weigh 190LBs it's extremely easy for me to slide on. I would have to say this board is as good as the best if not better and way cheaper in price than the bigger companies. I not sure how they do it but I'm not complaining. At first I though the double concave in the center was a little weird because it has a bump in the middle but after skating it for a couple of days now I couldn't skate without it. I skated my friends board the other day with the regular concave and instantly hated it. I now have to have the double concave boards for all my future purchases.

Thanks Ehlers

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