Choosing longboard trucks

Choosing longboard trucks

When it comes to choosing trucks for your longboard it can be a bit confusing. The longboard skateboard loses turning radius the longer the deck is. You can gage the distance by knowing the wheel base length. The wheelbase length is the measure from the front wheels to the back wheels. On any board over 32” or 34” in length it’s good to use reverse kingpin trucks. Reverse kingpin trucks are designed for longer boards because of how they are angled on the board. They are called reverse kingpin trucks because the kingpin is on the other side of the truck as opposed to the regular kingpin trucks. Regular trucks have the kingpin facing in and the reverse kingpin trucks have the kingpin faces out. For those who don’t know what the kingpins are on a truck they are the main bolt that loosens and tightens the maneuverability of the truck.

We only offer reverse kingpin trucks on all of our longer boards to ensure that all longboard skateboards are going to perform to the best of their ability. We currently have three brands of trucks to choose from, Paris, Bear and Free Soul trucks. Most longboarders who have skated all three brands would say that all of our truck brands perform the same. Some would say that Paris is better than Bear or vice versa. If you’re not familiar with the brands you will not be disappointed with our Free Soul trucks.

If you have any additional questions about choosing the rights trucks for you please call or send us an email.

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