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  1. New Fiberglass Longboard Series

    Hi guys!

    I'm please to announce our new Fiberglass line up boards. They are a mixure of fiberglass and bamboo composite with a couple of Canadians in there. All of the boards come with your choice of Orangtutangs and Paris trucks color. We have upgraded the bearings with the super blacks same as super bones. We have the 38" Paradox pintail is for a fun cruiser/sliding deck. The 39" Logic has a perfect flex for hand and street sliding tricks. The 41" Quantum is Ideal for great bounce flex when pushing slides. And last we have the 48" synergy for dancing your way into euphoria. All boards are as good as it gets when it comes to price vs quality.

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  2. Style Pics

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  3. Pineapple grip tape craze!

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  4. Aarrr the Lonely Pirate!

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  5. Valentines Longboard Skateboards

    Customize your valentine complete. We have all colors and opitions to create all your favorite colors. 

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  6. New Gaphics for bamboos! Cheetah, Watermelon, Pineapple, Skulls and Birds of Paradise.

    New Graphics! We have just uploaded a new series of graphics for our bamboo decks. We'll be puting them up on the others very shortly. 

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  7. New Paris Tiffany Trucks

    New Paris truck color! Tiffany teal is now added to our selection. Paris 180mm V2 verison. 

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  8. Ehlers Longboards Instagram.

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  9. Ready to order.

    We are now ready to rock and roll. You can now order! 

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  10. Longboarding in California

    Longboarding in CA
    We are on a quest to film our first real longboard video and have been searching for the perfect spots all around Orange County. We got lucky finding this spot because it was already waxed and ready to go. It’s the perfect longboard grind because you can ride grind up it and fall off the back side easily. We just starting to film last month and have about 20 clips so far but it’s going good considering we can only film on the weekends because we have to ship out boards all week. The video will hopefully be ready in a couple of months and be about 10 minutes long or so.
    This is Shane Johnston doing the ride-grind to flamingo grind at the rainbow grind in Fountain Valley, California last weekend. We call it the rainbow grind because the curb arcs like a rainbow. He had to go almost full speed to get over the upward arc. He’s skating the drop down drop through series.
    We found a down hill gem the other day while exploring the Newport Coast's back hills. We randomly drove up to the city water facility and low and behold we got lucky finding this perfect slider hill. The ground was actually perfect. We shot some footage with the new gopro2 and it came out pretty good. Here's a photo of the hill.

    Orange County Califoria

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