1. The Lowdown on Drop Through and Drop Down Longboards A Smooth Ride for Your Knees

    The Lowdown on Drop Through and Drop Down Longboards A Smooth Ride for Your Knees

    Longboarding is a thrilling way to experience the freedom of cruising down streets, carving through tight corners, and even downhill racing. But, like any sport, comfort and performance are crucial factors to consider, especially for your knees. In this blog post, we'll explore the advantages of drop through and drop down longboards, and how their low-to-the-ground design offers a more comfortable, knee-friendly, and ultimately easier skating experience.

    Drop Through vs. Drop Down Longboards

    Before we delve into the benefits, let's clarify the difference between drop through and drop down longboards.

    Drop Through Longboards

    In a drop-through design, the trucks (the metal components that hold the wheels) are mounted through the deck, allowing the de

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  2. Longboarding in California

    Longboarding in CA
    We are on a quest to film our first real longboard video and have been searching for the perfect spots all around Orange County. We got lucky finding this spot because it was already waxed and ready to go. It’s the perfect longboard grind because you can ride grind up it and fall off the back side easily. We just starting to film last month and have about 20 clips so far but it’s going good considering we can only film on the weekends because we have to ship out boards all week. The video will hopefully be ready in a couple of months and be about 10 minutes long or so.
    This is Shane Johnston doing the ride-grind to flamingo grind at the rainbow grind in Fountain Valley, California last weekend. We call it the rainbow grind because the curb arcs like a rainbow. He had to go almost full speed to get over the upward arc. He’s skating the drop down drop through series.
    We found a down hill gem the other day while exploring the Newport Coast's back hills. We randomly drove up to the city water facility and low and behold we got lucky finding this perfect slider hill. The ground was actually perfect. We shot some footage with the new gopro2 and it came out pretty good. Here's a photo of the hill.

    Orange County Califoria

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  3. Are you down with the drop down!

    This is the new drop down Canadian maple complete. The drop downs are getting more and more popular because of how you feel when you’re riding them. They curve downward so you’re lower to the ground, picture a hammock swaying back and forth. The reverse kingpin trucks give you the ability to carve into sharper turns. The drop down deck is 10 plies of strong Canadian maple and can hold up to 300 LBs.  Enjoy =)

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