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    I wanted to personally say thank you to David for such a great review. Here's what he said.

    I have the greatest respect for Ryan Ehlers. I showed up at his shop unannounced and even though he was very busy he took the time to set-up my son with a custom longboard. He allowed Kenny (my son) to choose exactly what he wanted down to the color of the bearings. We returned a bit early and got to see Ryan at work assembling Kenny's board. Once again, he was very gracious and skilled - that's why I returned to buy another longboard for myself. This guy is a real pro and a down to earth class-act. I have skated for over 30 years and I can tell you that these boards are 100% professional grade - right down to the optional gull wing trucks. Ryan's boards are just as good - if not better - than anything you'll find in a pro shop. And, as mentioned, you get the added benefit of choosing exactly what you want.

    Thanks again David

    Ryan Ehlers

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    Google reviews revealed
    Posted on April 30, 2012 by Ryan

    Hi Guys

    I'm going to start posting my google reviews so people can see them
    4.7 of 5
    1 - 77 of 77 Reviews
    Rating Comment /Item Customer Order Date
    It's great I can't complain at all
    "Customize Your Own Long Pintail" 9.5... more » Shiante M Gideon 361600072096439 Apr 29, 2012
    Great, ordered online, no confusions, love the product
    "Customize Your Own Kicktail Graphic ... more » Chalamiysh Mcshane 867452172912516 Apr 19, 2012
    the seller handled it very well with good communication on where my board was and when it will be sent and at my house.
    "Drop Down Series" 9" x 40" Complete more » joanna spooner 104275069784827 Apr 13, 2012
    Great, it took some time for me to readjust to a new board and learn how to ride with grip tape but once I tweeked it a little I was able to ride better than ever. Btw when I'm finished with this board...
    Customize Your Kicktail Series 10" x ... more » David Mathew Hoetker 826697674041847 Apr 12, 2012

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