Order Help

Are you having trouble ordering and need to know how to choose the options? 

We have made screen shots of the deck and complete options with brackets to show you how to order.

The complete option: click on the drop down selection and choose (complete) this selection is the whole complete board assemble and ready to ride. 
Next choose your top grip tape option, grip tape options may vary per complete. 
Then choose your truck options followed by the wheels options. Each complete comes with one set of wheels. 
You can either pick 65mm, 70mm, 76mm or sliding wheels. The wheel options vary per complete. 
Lastly we have the tool option which is not a required selection option. 

longboard tutorial order guide

The deck only option: Choose deck on the drop down selection. The deck comes with griptape only so no trucks or wheels.
Under the trucks section choose the text (deck only)
Under the wheels section choose the text (deck only)
Next scroll down to the tool options then click the (add to cart button) and you are all set.

Deck only help

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