1. Best Longboard Dancing Skateboards

    Title: The Art of Expression: Exploring the Best Longboard Dancing Skateboards

    Longboarding isn't just about speed and thrill – it's also a platform for artistic expression and fluid movements. Longboard dancing, a captivating style of riding, allows individuals to fuse dance-like motions with the exhilaration of cruising on four wheels. To truly master this art, choosing the right longboard dancing skateboard is paramount. In this blog, we delve into three distinct types that cater to both beginners and seasoned dancers alike: Canadian Maple, Bamboo, and Mixed Bamboo-Fiberglass Flex.

    1. Canadian Maple Dancer: The Classic Elegance

    The Canadian Maple longboard dancing skateboard is a time-tested classic. Crafted from multiple layers of high-quality Canadian maple wood, these boards offer excepti

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  2. New Fiberglass Longboard Series

    Hi guys!

    I'm please to announce our new Fiberglass line up boards. They are a mixure of fiberglass and bamboo composite with a couple of Canadians in there. All of the boards come with your choice of Orangtutangs and Paris trucks color. We have upgraded the bearings with the super blacks same as super bones. We have the 38" Paradox pintail is for a fun cruiser/sliding deck. The 39" Logic has a perfect flex for hand and street sliding tricks. The 41" Quantum is Ideal for great bounce flex when pushing slides. And last we have the 48" synergy for dancing your way into euphoria. All boards are as good as it gets when it comes to price vs quality.

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    When it comes to price verses quality the new fiberlight drop through series takes the #1 spot. Made from real fiber glass the deck has a firm and comfortable flex feel making every carve light and smooth.

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