Hello Ryan,

GOOD NEWS!! It took it's own sweet time but the longboard has arrived. My son (who is 17) was totally pumped (as was I). By the time we got to the post office (that's where we had to pick it up) it was cold, dark and about 30F (Welcome to Canada and oh,yah the surfing sucks).
We got home and we took it out of the box...Ryan, what a fantastic board...well worth the wait. Black on the bottom, white wheels natural wood top with the clear grit...really beautiful. Really nicely designed. Two seconds later my son was riding down the middle of our street. There he was with the street lights casting his shadow and that 30F clear, cold air not even a worry as he cruised down the paved wave.

Thanks Ryan, I don't know if this will mean anything to you, but I grew up in Huntington Beach in the late '60s and early '70s and I was one of those skateboard kids. About thirty minutes ago the arrival of your board brought all those feelings back to me and to see my son so stoked...thanks for the moment.

Ryan over the years I have bought hundreds of products from the U.S. and I have never had a problem with any of them getting here, so I was so bummed when it looked like your board was going to be the first one that didn't make it. Ryan, don't let this rattle you. Keep shipping to Canada!!! Don't give up.

And, this is my opinion, DUDE you have got to put on each board MADE IN HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIFORNIA It may seem like just another over priced beach city, but Ryan it's really a magical place and I have a million kid memories to back that up!! Show it loud and proud. Lots of great and truly wonderful things started first in Huntington Beach.

When I get a moment I'll send a photo and at some point soon we are going to make a little video for you to see.

Ryan, keep on doing what you do best. Even if you never make a million....it's the ride...it's all about the ride and you can take that to the bank.